Introduction of Share the Care

Founded in 2006, Share the Care is a leading enterprise youth volunteer service platform and hub organization in China, serving 40,000 Domestic and foreign enterprises and 4 million white-collar employees in the FESCO system. Share the Care has been paying attention to and helping vulnerable children for a long time. It is a major actor in the field of educational assistance for rural and urban children with special needs. Its work direction involves four fields, namely rural education, environmental protection, health and sanitation and disaster relief. The network of volunteer service projects and public welfare resources covers the whole country. So far, it has launched more than 300 Chinese and foreign enterprises to carry out more than 600 public welfare projects and voluntary service activities in 200 rural schools in seven provinces and cities, involving more than 1.55 million employees of enterprises and volunteers of university students and benefiting nearly 500,000 rural teachers and students.

Mission: To give every child a fair chance for education

Slogan: A world with you, a future with love

Institutional information:
In 2015, Beijing Share the Care Public Welfare Promotion Center was officially registered with the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau as a private non-profit organization with a unified social credit code of 5211 0000 3590 0483 3A. The financial management side of the public donation of Share the Care is: China Charities Aid Foundation for Children.

Contact information:
Contact:Ms. Alina Wang/Wang Gongyou
Phone: 010-82193926/13520576052

Core projects:
1."Run with Love" Beijing Olympic Forest Park 5KM charity walk Launched by Share the Care in 2012, "Run with Love" Beijing Olympic Forest Park 5KM charity walk is the largest and most influential corporate volunteer charity walk in China. It is held in Beijing Olympic Forest Park every spring; by 2019, it has received more than 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises' support and nearly 40,000 employees' volunteers. In 2020, in the face of COVID-19, "Run with Love" Beijing Olympic Forest Park 5KM charity walk continued to support enterprises to help the development of education in remote areas through online donation.

2. Online Education Volunteer Project In conjunction with a number of professional institutions, Share the Care launched the "Online Education Volunteer Project" in 2018. With an innovative model of "Internet + education poverty alleviation", it precisely connects rural schools and provides sustainable online live teaching platform and support services for corporate volunteer services. By 2019, Online Education Volunteer Project had been launched in 44 rural schools in seven provinces and municipalities, benefiting nearly 40,000 teachers and students. In 2020, Share the Care launched the project of "Cloud Volunteer Teaching Rural Small Classes" which supports corporate volunteers to carry out volunteer education in the form of online live broadcast and provides rich online quality courses for rural children to promote the fair and balanced development of education in the remote areas.

3. A Dictionary To The Tibetan Children Share the Care launched the "A Dictionary To The Tibetan Children" in 2018, aiming to encourage and mobilize cooperating enterprises and caring people to donate Han-Tibetan dictionaries to Tibetan students in Qinghai Province and help Tibetan children acquire more knowledge. By July 2020, more than 915,000 people and more than 20 enterprises and institutions have donated 9,003 Chinese-Tibetan dictionaries to 40 Tibetan schools in Nangqian County and Chengduo County, Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province, benefiting nearly 10,000 Tibetan children.

4. "Painting for Love" Charity Art Competition and Exhibition /charity calendar charity sale In 2015, Share the Care launched the "Painting for Love" Charity Art Competition and Exhibition, aiming to encourage children and families to participate in the art public interest through painting. By 2019, more than 100 Chinese and foreign enterprises and institutions had participated and submitted more than 2,600 paintings. The outstanding works of each year are used to produce " Painting for Love " public welfare desk calendar and provide more support and help for Tibetan children's education through charity sale of enterprise products.

5. First-Aid Angel Volunteer Alliance In 2019, Share the Care launched the " First-Aid Angel Volunteer Alliance " project. By carrying out the AHA (American Heart Association) first aid certificate training, it trained first aid volunteers with first aid knowledge and professional skills. At the same time, it organized and carried out first aid training for enterprise employees, helped them master first aid knowledge and basic first aid skills, and enhanced their safety awareness and self-rescue and mutual rescue abilities. In 2020, Share the Care launched employee health courses, including knowledge and prevention of infectious diseases and coping with shoulder and neck pain in the workplace and provided customized support for corporate health courses.

6. "Rainbow Classroom" migrant children education project Share the Care launched the "Rainbow Classroom" migrant children education project in 2013, aiming to encourage enterprises and staff volunteers to give full play to their superior resources and professional skills and provide rich themed public welfare activities for migrant children to help the children broaden their horizons, experience colorful after-school life and better integrate into urban development. By 2019, 720 employees of more than 30 enterprises have actively participated in the volunteer activities, organized and carried out more than 40 themed activities and directly benefited more than 3,000 migrant children.

7. Rural Children Health Protection Together with public welfare partners, Share the Care launched the "Rural Children Health Protection" in March 2020. By collecting and donating hand sanitizers for rural schools, it helped schools carry out hygiene and epidemic prevention work and built the first line of health defense for rural children. At the same time, health and epidemic prevention classes were set up to help children establish healthy living habits. So far, 11 enterprises have donated 3,600 bottles of hand sanitizer to 54 rural schools in Yushu, Qinghai, benefiting more than 35,000 Tibetan children.