Introduction of Share the Care

Share the Care Volunteer Organization(abbr. Share the Care) is the leading platform in China for volunteer service and support for foreign enterprise, applying long-term commitment and help to vulnerable children. It plays an essential role in assisting migrant children in the city and left-behind in the country.

Share the Care serves 25,000 enterprises at home and abroad in FESCO (Foreign Enterprises Service Corporation) for many years. It covers 1.5 million white-collar employees and their families and cooperates with over 200 transnational enterprises for long time. It is committed to over 500 volunteer activities for foreign enterprises, supporting 70 schools for migrant children in Beijing and about hundred minority schools from 7 provinces alongside the Belt and Road.

Share the Care mainly implements education, environment, poverty alleviation and salvation, incl. sports, arts, education public and volunteer benefits. Volunteer service and public resource network covers the whole country.

Share the Care was founded in 2011 by Beijing Foreign Enterprise Volunteer Association partnering with China Charities Aid Foundation For Children. It serves 1.5 million employees from 25,000 foreign enterprises in FESCO.

Share the Care was registered with the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. Its Unified social credit code is 5211000059004833A and Chinese name is 北京有爱有未来公益促进中心.